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Where students learn how to "SAVE THEMSELVES"
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Bullfrog Swim School is committed to providing affordable, high quality, private swim lessons to students 6months-adults. All instructors are certified in the I CAN SAVE MYSELF swim method, original to Bullfrog Swim School. The I CAN SAVE MYSELF swim method has 3 goals for new swimmers. 

1) Swim the Survival Stroke while taking 3 Independent-Reliable Breaths. 2) Independent Back Float 
3) How to save themselves if they fell into the pool. 

Instructors progress students forward every lesson to become self sufficient in the water while keeping them emotionally secure. Check out the points below to see why Bullfrog Swim School is THE BEST choice for swim lessons in Fresno, Clovis, Madera, and Visalia. 

-Bullfrog Swim School focuses on students learning how to SAVE THEMSELVES if they ever fell in a pool. 

-Most affordable private swim lessons. Students similar in ages and levels may share a 30 minute lesson for no extra charge! Swimmers can share or split packages. 

- No annoying registration fees!

-2 warm indoor pools open year round. Perfect for winter refresher classes. 

-Home lessons- No extra charge in operating areas.  

-Infant Parent and Me: Available (6 months-23 months) . Enjoy a private lesson or share a class with your friends for no extra charge. 

-Kid Swim Lessons: We use pool toys and prizes are given away a prize at the end of each lesson. We celebrate the passing of each level with a collector toy frog (3 and older). 

-Adults Lessons: Adults are amazed how easy and quickly they learn to swim. Share a class with a friend for no extra charge. You won't be put in a class with children.

-Stroke development available for students of all ages. Learn the basics of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breast Stroke, Butterfly, flip turns and treading water. You will be ready for swim team. 

-Specialist on staff for student's with special needs. 


Instructors at Bullfrog Swim School teach new swimmers of all ages using the "I CAN SAVE MYSELF" swim method. We have 3 goals for new simmers. 

1. Survival Stroke with 3 Independent -Relaible Breaths. 

2. Independent Back Floats.

3. I CAN SAVE MYSELF swim test. 

Swimming is a sport so we do not make guarantees. OUR AVERAGE to teach a new student how to accomplish our 3 goals is TEN, 30 minute, private lessons for students 3 and older.  We allow students to share a class with a friend of similar age and level, but our method is based on 10 private lessons. 

We have taught walking infants and 2 year olds the 3 goals, but we want to be clear about what to expect with students under 2. They are unpredictable! They are still developing basic motor skills. On average, students who are walking and under 2 years old learn to swim as far as they can hold their breath by kicking only. Most under 2 year olds will not learn how to take an independent -reliable breath, but we do see it happen so that is our goal. 50% of under 2 year olds learn how to save themselves. Non walking infants will learn breath control underwater while their parent learns how to teach their child how to swim. We focus heavily on infants learning how to save themselves if they fell into a pool. 

The I CAN SAVE MYSELF swim test is given at the last lesson. Students jump in the pool with heavy clothes and demonstrate they can SAVE THEMSELVES if they fell into the pool. Please bring heavy clothing to wear over the students swimsuit to the last lesson.

 We understand the fear and uneasiness that comes with learning to swim. While we are progressing students forward, we never forget the importance of keeping them emotionally secure. We successfully teach infants to adults how to save themselves and enjoy swimming. Go to our VIDEO page to see students jumping in the pool fully clothed and pulling themselves out. 

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