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Bullfrog Swim School is committed to providing high quality, private swim lessons to students 6months-adults. All instructors are trained  in the I CAN SAVE MYSELF swim method, original to Bullfrog Swim School. Instructors  progress students forward every lesson to become self sufficient in the water while keeping them  emotionally secure. Bullfrog Swim School has an indoor pool, open year round, in Fresno. Home lessons, for no extra charge, offered in Fresno, Clovis, Madera, and Visalia. 

NEW SWIMMERS (3 and 13) 
The I CAN SAVE MYSELF swim method has 3 Goals for new swimmers. Students may take private lesson or share with a friend of similar age and level for no extra charge. We do not recommend shared lessons for hesitant and fearful students.  Swimming is a sport , therefore  we do not make guarantees. OUR AVERAGE to teach a new student how to accomplish our 3 goals is TEN, 30 minute private  lessons for students 3 and older.


1) Swim the Survival Stroke while taking 3 Independent-Reliable  Breaths.
2) Independent Back Float 
3) How to SAVE THEMSELVES if they fell into the pool. 

INFANT SWIM LESSONS (6 months-2 years old)
Share lessons with a friend for no extra charge. Enjoy a private lesson or share a class with your friends for no extra charge. Shared lessons must be parent and me. We strongly encourage infant lessons to be parent and me to educate the parent on proper holding techniques and proper submersion of an infant, but it is not mandatory unless it is a group lesson.


1) Survival Stroke- swimming as far as they can hold their breath. Most infants find an independent-reliable breath challenging for their motor development. 
2) Independent Back Float
3) How to SAVE THEMSELVES if they ever fell into the pool. 

STROKE DEVELOPMENT (children and adults) 
Once a student can swim the Survival Stroke while taking 3 independent-reliable breaths, they can learn the 4 BASIC STROKES.  10 lesson recommendation. Private lessons or share with a friend for no extra charge. 

1) Freestyle with side breath
2) Backstroke
3) Breaststroke
4) Butterfly
5) Flip Turns
6) Treading Water

ADULT LESSONS ( 14 and over) 
We teach hundreds of adults each year. ​Take private lessons or share with a friend for no extra charge. 

1) Survival Stroke across the long length of pool.  
2) Begin 4 Strokes IF Survival Stroke is mastered: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Treading Water. 

Where students learn how to SAVE THEMSELVES!